Water Softeners

The first thing we do is test water quality and check hardness. We look for leaks around your softener, clean the injectors, and flush the brine line for proper flow.

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Plumbing problems in the bathroom always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. A toilet overflows, the shower water is cold, or drain is slow. Our plumbing contractors handle bathroom emergencies 24/7.

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Water Heaters

Peak efficiency means lower utility bills. Heaters older than 15 years should be replaced. Gas burner assembly is checked, and electric heaters may need thermostat adjustment. We can perform water heater installation and repair solutions when you need it.

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The kitchen is the heart of your home. No other part of the house gets as much foot traffic throughout the day. A reliable and efficient water supply system is a must for your home.

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Septic Systems

Septic tanks and drain fields are buried underground, which means problems may not be obvious to the homeowner or a potential property buyer. Regular inspection is a wise decision.

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Water Wells

You want to ensure that your drinking water is safe and help avoid costly repairs in the future. A well that’s properly constructed and inspected will prevent contamination that may seep in.

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Drains & Cleaning

A professional drain inspection camera will usually reveal the cause, location, and type of clean-out repair needed. Learn more with our free Preventative Home Maintenance Plan.

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Before heading out to warmer climates, take steps that will conserve energy, save money, and ensure that your vacant property will remain safe and secure from preventable damage.

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Water Lines

Small leaks or unexpected damp spots out in the yard have a way of growing worse, wasting water and causing higher water bills. All water lines and fixtures in your home have a “life span.”

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Hot Water Recirculating Pump

How many times have you waited at the sink, tub, or shower for hot water to arrive? You’re wasting a lot of water and your valuable time. The solution is a hot water recirculation pump.

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Home Automation

Smartphones have been around for over 10 years, and they dominate how we interact with others. Smart technology can help our homes run more efficiently. You have simple automation devices in your home right now – your basic thermostat will adjust to whatever temperature you’ve preset. Heating and cooling can be 40 percent of your home’s energy cost, so now is the time to think about saving on monthly utility bills.

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Emergency Backup Sump Pumps

A battery-operated, emergency backup sump pump can save the day when the primary pump fails or during electric power outages. In other words, as a last line of defense, it’s a necessity.

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