A softener that’s working properly can save up to 70% on soap usage, makes cleaning clothes with detergent faster, and save you time in front of the sink! Save on repair bills by increasing the life of your plumbing fixtures. You’ll notice a huge difference in the soft, healthy condition of your hair and skin.

You’ve probably experienced discomfort in showering and washing with hard water and have seen annoying white spots left behind on your dishes. The white calcium residue can eventually clog plumbing fixtures in the shower, dishwasher, sink, water heater and anywhere else water flows in your house’s system.

Testing for hard water is measured in grains per gallon. Average hardness for homes in most of northwest Illinois measures from 10 to 50 grains per gallon, which means our local homes may experience much higher hardness levels than national averages. These minerals occur naturally in our water supply and are considered safe to drink. We can test your water for pH and mineral content levels.

Home water softeners have a wide range of softening capacities. It’s important to know that your softener is operating at peak efficiency based on your average daily water consumption. A Molitor Plumbing service tech can help with this determination.


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If you have a room or space in your home that doesn’t receive enough heating or cooling for proper comfort, installing a ductless mini-split can be the worry-free answer.

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