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Commercial Septic Systems

Septic System Installation & Repair

Commercial Septic Systems

It’s important to remember that septic tanks and drain fields are typically buried underground in commercial septic systems. This means that any problems with the system may not be obvious to the property owner or potential buyers right away. As a result, regular professional inspections are highly recommended to avoid future costly repairs.

Molitor Plumbing, LLC is a licensed Private Sewage Disposal System Installation Contractor, and we provide our clients with preventative maintenance for your commercial septic systems.


What do our commercial septic system services include?

Inspection and Assessment

A thorough inspection of the septic system, including tanks, pipes, and drain fields, to identify any issues that may require attention. This includes checking for any signs of leakage or blockage.

Pumping and Cleaning

The septic tank should be regularly pumped and cleaned to prevent buildup of solids, which can lead to blockages and backups in the system.

Repairs and Replacements

Any damaged or broken components of the septic system, such as pipes or pumps, should be repaired or replaced as needed to ensure proper functioning.

Drain Field Restoration

If the drain field has become clogged or damaged, we may offer services such as aeration, jetting, or installation of new drain field components.

Emergency Services

In the event of a septic system emergency, such as a blockage or backup, we offer emergency services to quickly identify and resolve the problem.

Routine Maintenance

Offering preventative maintenance helps extend the life of the septic system and prevent costly repairs down the line.

Commercial Septic Systems

A working septic system consists of a holding tank that collects solid waste from wastewater and transports or pumps it to a leach field. The liquid effluent is then absorbed and evaporated into the ground below.

Septic fields and pumps, on the other hand, can fail over time. Because each system has a different lifespan based on its specific details, it’s critical to provide the technician with as much information as possible during the inspection. This information includes the system’s age, location, installation, service history, and the last tank pumping date. A thorough inspection of the entire system will reveal any problem areas that need to be addressed.

For more information on private sewage disposal systems, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health’s environmental health and protection website at