Walk-In Tubs & Showers for Stockton, IL

Bathroom remodeling projects have been increasing in recent years. People have begun to invest heavily in their homes. The two most popular rooms that homeowners renovate are the kitchen and bathroom. Shower remodels are one of the most popular projects in the bathroom. Some homeowners will replace their shower with a new traditional tub and shower while others install a walk-in tub. Regardless of the type of shower remodel you want to be done in your home, our plumbing contractors can help.

Benefits of Shower Remodels

  • Energy Efficiency: Remodeling your old bathtub and shower with modern showers and bathtubs improves their energy efficiency. Modern bathroom technology is much more energy-efficient and saves on the water while maintaining your comfort.

  • Modern Appearance: Over time, your shower will become worn out, stained, and outdated. A bathroom remodel will help improve the look of your bathroom and give it a modern appearance.

  • Safety: Stepping over your tub is a potential trip hazard. Thousands of people trip while entering or exiting their traditional bathroom. This can lead to some serious injuries such as broken bones, paralysis, and death. Installing a walk-in tub significantly reduces your chances of tripping in the bathroom.

  • Property Value: Any bathroom remodeling project boosts your property value. This includes shower remodels and walk-in tub installations. Bathroom remodels offer some of the highest ROIs of any home remodeling project.

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Molitor Plumbing is a professional plumbing service for the Stockton, IL area. We proudly provide shower remodeling services including the installation of walk-in tubs. Walk-in tubs are much safer than traditional tubs because you do not need to step over the top of them. Regardless of whether you want a traditional shower remodel or the installation of a walk-in tub, our plumbing contractors can help. Contact us today for a free estimate for your shower remodeling project!