Stockton, IL

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Stockton is a village in Jo Daviess County, Illinois. It was established after the Minnesota Northwestern Railroad built a station in Section 2 of Stockton Township in 1886. In 1914, the Kraft brothers opened a cheese factory in the area which is the birthplace of the Kraft Corporation. These two developments in the village contributed greatly to the growth of Stockton.


Today, the village is home to nearly 2,000 people and has nearly 900 homes that accommodate them. The people of Stockton care about their homes. The plumbing systems of these homes need constant maintenance to keep them running smoothly. A professional plumbing contractor is your best option whenever you need any kind of plumbing service.

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Molitor Plumbing is a professional plumbing contractor serving the Stockton, IL area. Our contractors can help with any plumbing service you may need. Your water heater lasts about eight to twelve years; if it has been that long, you likely need one. Our contractors can quickly and properly do any water heater installation. It does not matter if it is a traditional water heater or a tankless one. We can also help with bathroom remodeling projects. Our plumbing contractors can install walk-in tubs, heated flooring, replace your drains with larger ones, or replace your bathroom vanity. Contact us today for a free quote for any plumbing service!