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Residential Septic Systems

Septic System Installation and Repair

Residential Septic Systems

Septic tanks and drain fields are buried underground, which means problems may not be obvious to the homeowner or a potential property buyer. This makes a professional inspection on a regular basis a wise decision that can help avoid costly future repairs. Molitor Plumbing, LLC, is a licensed Private Sewage Disposal System Installation Contractor.

Very simply, a properly working septic system consists of a holding tank that retains solid waste from household wastewater and travels or is pumped to a leach field, which disposes the liquid effluent by absorption and evaporating into the ground below.


What do our Residential septic systems include?

Inspection and Assessment

A thorough inspection of the septic system, including tanks, pipes, and drain fields, to identify any problems that may need to be addressed. This includes looking for signs of leakage or obstruction.

Pumping and Cleaning

Regular cleaning and pumping of the septic tank are necessary to avoid solids buildup, which can cause system obstructions and backups.

Repairs and Replacements

To ensure effective operation, any damaged or broken parts of the septic system, such as pipes or pumps, should be fixed or replaced as necessary.

Drain Field Restoration

The septic system can function more effectively and break down waste more effectively by adding specially formulated bacteria or enzymes.

Emergency Services

We provide emergency services in the event of a septic system emergency, such as a blockage or backup, to rapidly locate and fix the issue.