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Residential Water Heaters

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Residential Water Heaters

Today, the most common residential water heaters are the familiar storage water heater tanks. Newer on-demand, tankless water heaters and instant, single area, point-of-use water heater dispensers are becoming more popular. At Molitor Plumbing, our experienced technicians can help you choose the right water heater to fit your daily household needs and stay within budget. Once you’ve found the right type, we can perform the professional water heater installation solutions you need.

What do our Residential water Heater services include?

New Unit Installation

Maintenance & Repair

Upgrades & Replacements

Tankless Water Heaters

Emergency Services


The type of water heater chosen for your home can generally be made on two important factors: affordability and energy efficiency. Here’s why: the purchase price of higher efficiency heaters is more costly than basic models. You’ll need to carefully analyze the heater’s out-of-pocket cost vs. the savings on your heating bill.

Here in the upper Midwest, energy costs come into play. Natural gas typically costs much less to operate than electric for most home appliances that provide heat. Another factor is your household usage. How much hot water is needed and how often? Compare these and other energy factors to help arrive at the best water heater options for your home.

Warning: If your gas water heater pilot light is under water due to flooding, do not attempt to re-light the unit. Call your professional plumber. We service and install all major water heater brands including the dependable A.O Smith and IBC water heaters.