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Residential Water Lines

Water Line Installation and Repair

Residential Water Lines

Quite often a tiny leak from a basement pipe may be hard to find and can go unnoticed. Pipe leaks aren’t always easy to locate, particularly if they’re within a wall or ceiling (look for damp or wet drywall). However, small leaks or unexpected damp spots in the yard have a way of growing worse, wasting water and causing higher water bills. All water lines and fixtures inside or outside your home have a life span.

If you see a wet spot around a toilet, under a sink, or near a tub, the problem is usually an indicator of a pipe or fixture leak, and the damage can be significant. Call us immediately for an experienced service tech to quickly identify and fix the problem before even more damage is caused.

Our professional inspection service can provide year-round peace of mind for all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs.


New Home Installs

Existing Home Installs & Repairs


Interior Water Lines

In older homes, the water lines could be made of galvanized steel, copper, or plastic. If you have galvanized (zinc-coated) water pipes, it’s likely they’re over 50 years old. That doesn’t mean they must be immediately replaced unless the joints show excessive corrosion, which could lead to leaks. Older galvanized pipes, while still safe to use, will usually contain limescale buildup, which can eventually slow the water flow.

Today, fewer copper pipes are used due to the high cost of copper. Cross-linked polyethylene or PEX pipes are extremely versatile, cost-effective, and can be used for both cold and hot water supply. PEX pipes have become the modern standard for residential water lines.

A periodic general inspection of your water lines is recommended to insure the integrity of the system. There are no leaks that we can’t fix, regardless of the material or pipe location. We also can test your drinking water for pH and mineral content levels.

Exterior Water Lines

We will perform a thorough basement inspection for the exterior water main, which supplies water from the municipal water supply. The inspection will include an identification of the water line material, such as galvanized, copper, poly, or lead, and a determination of system integrity.

Lead pipes were discontinued for home installation during the 1950s in most parts of the country. They are not considered safe to use for drinking and cooking. Lead water pipes wouldn’t normally be replaced unless a leak occurs. If desired, we can test your water supply for lead and other mineral content.

Many homes built in northwest Illinois during the ‘70s and ‘80s were installed with poly 100# test water supply lines. This material may show signs of cracking over time, due to the continual effect of frost conditions. If you see an unexplained wet spot or puddle in your yard, it’s most likely a problem with the underground water main. Call us immediately for service.